Wrestlemania 35 Predictions

It’s been a year since I’ve posted. I did a pretty good job predicting last year’s results so let’s try and do it again.

WWE Cruiserweight Championship match: Buddy Murphy vs. Tony Nese:

I don’t watch 205 Live as much as I should, but I think Buddy Murphy wins.

Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal: It’s hard to pick a battle royal. Last year I successfully picked Matt Hardy. This year, I think it might very well be the odds on favorite Braun Strowman.

Wrestlemania Women’s Battle Royal: Again, it is tough to pick a battle royal. I am going to go with Asuka.

Raw Women’s Championship and Smackdown Women’s Championship match: Ronda Rousey vs. Becky Lynch vs. Charlotte Flair (winner takes all match)

This is the hardest one to pick overall. One has to think it is plausible that because Charlotte Flair has such a big name that she would be one to unify the titles. If Lesnar does leave the WWE, you might think that the big name that would carry a title would need to be Ronda Rousey. With Flair having a big win last Smackdown and Lynch having that big win on Raw, it seems formulaic that Rousey would end up getting the big win at ‘mania. But Becky Lynch has also been getting that big push. And this seems like the year of wrestlers getting the big push and actually having it pay off. So even though it may very well be Charlotte winning it all, I have to go with Becky Lynch.

WWE Championship match: Daniel Bryan vs. Kofi Kingston

It’s seems almost too good to be true. They pushed Kofi so hard for this, it seems hard to suggest that the fans won’t get the big payoff. If any match likely to be a screw job it is likely to be this match. However, I think they have to let Kofi win the belt so #KofiMania is my prediction.

Universal Championship match: Brock Lesnar vs. Seth Rollins

It seems odd that they would 3 out of the 4 main titles switch hands. But that is my prediction. I pick Seth Rollins.

Intercontinental Championship match: Finn Balor vs. Boddy Lashley

My wife would kill me if I voted against Finn balor. I think he wins this one clean as well.

United States Championship match: Samoa Joe vs. Rey Mysterio

Samoa Joe. Again, you can’t have too many title changes in one night.

Smackdown Tag Team Championship match: Usos vs. The Bar vs. Ricochet and Aleister Black vs. Shinsuke Nakamura and Rusev (fatal 4-way match)

Ricochet and Aleister Black are being pushed too hard for them to lose this match. They are my pick.

Women’s Tag Team Championship match: Sasha Banks and Bayley vs. Nia Jax and Tamina Snuka vs. Beth Phoenix and Natalya vs. The IIconics

I was shocked when the IIconics got the win. However, it’s hard to root against Beth Phoenix and Natalya. That being said, unless Beth Phoenix and Natalya are only going to have a short reign, I have to pick the IIconics to pull off the win.

Raw Tag Team Championship match: The Revival vs. Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins

What is this? Why is this even a thing? The Revival wins.

Roman Reigns vs. Drew McIntyre

This is a hard one to pick. They’ve been doing a really hard heel push on Drew McIntyre. Do they end it with a screeching halt by having Reigns defeat him? I think so. My pick is Roman Reigns.

Batista vs. Triple H (no-holds-barred match)

Unless Batista is planning to come back full time, I cannot see why he would win this. HHH has never beaten Batista in a singles match. So I think that is what this match will do. I pick HHH.

Randy Orton vs. AJ Styles

This is one that I really don’t know. Flip a coin. AJ Styles is my prediction.

Shane McMahon vs. The Miz (falls count anywhere match)

I believe they will continue to push The Miz and he will win.

Kurt Angle vs. Baron Corbin

How do they let Kurt Angle go out with a loss? So I pick Kurt Angle.

Now, is there a John Cena match? My prediction is he interrupts Elias during his “concert” and that becomes an impromptu match. John Cena gets the victory.