Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 5 discussion.

I really enjoyed “The Door”. But I do have several questions about it. Obviously this post will have spoilers. If you have not watched this far in, don’t click.

Why would Sansa refuse the services of the Knights of the Vale? It seems to me that if Jon and Sansa are looking to retake Winterfell they would need all the help they can get. I understand that she doesn’t want to feel as if she owes Littlefinger any favors for being able to use “his” army. Then again, maybe he didn’t push the assistance too much. Maybe he figures that after seeing what is available to her that she will have no choice but to come back and ask for their aid.

While I did like the interactions between “a man who is no-one” and Arya when they were with the Lannisters in Harrenhal, I haven’t been that much of a fan of the story every since they got to the training. However, it is interesting that after seeing the play put on how she seems to doubt her being “no-one” as well. Arya still wants her revenge.

Kingsmoot was interesting. I was fairly certain that Yara would not be getting it (since that would be to easy for the show). I like that she took off with all the ships. I wonder where she will be taking them? Will she go to Daenerys and bring her the ships she needs to come take back the Seven Kingdoms? Will she make a deal that says they have to go take over the Iron Islands first? Will Euron have the ships ready by then in order to repel that invasion (thus crushing whatever portion of the army she sends over to take the Islands over)? Or will Yara pay the “iron price” and win back her birthright? Or maybe she will find another purpose for those ships.

The biggest shock of the episode (for me at least) was that the Children of the Forest were the creators of the white walkers. I was not expecting his eyes to turn blue and my jaw dropped when they did.

So no, I was not surprised when Hodor died. It was sad, for sure. However, most deaths in Game of Thrones have not been shocking to me this season. The one I was shocked about the most was Roose Bolton as it was so sudden. I think I was more sad about Summer dying. I think that is mainly because I own a dog and they really got those dying whimpers nice and loud to give everyone a cringe. But now that Summer is gone, we can truly say that winter has arrived. *rimshot*

Hodor dying does leave several questions open.

  1. When is he going to come back as an ice zombie? The Night King is there and will surely raise him from the dead.
  2. Who is going to be the unfortunate character who will have to kill zombie Hodor? That is going to be painful to watch.
  3. Most importantly, did the Three Eyed Raven know all that was going to transpire and allow it to happen anyway?

And that is what interests me the most. I believe he knew that Bran would see the Night King, that he would be touched, that the Night King would be able to find him now, and that this would be the end of his journey with Bran through time. The reason I believe this is because when the Three Eyed Raven said it was time to go, they didn’t immediately pack up and leave. They stayed to time warg some more. To me that says he knew that the events to come had to happen in this particular way or else Bran wouldn’t go back in time and turn Hodor into what he became and give him his one life’s purpose.

Another question is, did Hodor remember seeing Bran before his seizure? After Bran first sees Hodor in the past, he asks present day Hodor what happened. The way he responds “Hodor”, it is very solemn and he seems to be trying to tell Bran “you did”.

And my final question is: Where is Nymeria?