The 13th Doctor Nontroversy

The whole #DrWho #13thDoctor “nontroversy” has all the “dudebros” and other types sympathetic to said “dudebros” in a tizzy over the idea that the agenda of the politically correct elites is supposedly to ruin our childhoods (or something like that, did I get that right?).

Now, I have never watched a single episode of Dr. Who. The fact that they chose to make the 13th incarnation of The Doctor a woman doesn’t really impact me at all. Though, representation is a good thing and if they can write a good story with a female lead, great.

That being said, I am not completely ignorant about the ideas around the TV show and I am able to use the internet fairly well. So I went to look up the idea of regeneration and how it has applied in past shows. I wanted to see how regeneration worked in that universe.

One Dr Who Wiki describes the regeneration process and lists several different ways that previous people have regenerated in the series.

  • Gander became a cross species hybrid after regeneration
  • Lord Cardinal Zero took on an avian form afterwards.
  • The Doctor knew Corsair, a Time Lord/Time Lady who had taken on male and female forms
  • The Master regenerated into a “Time Lady” as well.

Clearly show cannon does not restrict the body type that a Time Lord can regenerate into based on the body type the Time Lord has. Clearly people can regenerate into the body of the opposite sex. And that would frankly be the only legitimate criticism that I could think of that would make sense about this decision.